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R and I were up in Stowe this weekend for some skiing and relaxing. We went to Emily's for dinner on Sunday night. After a preliminarily search of restaurant reviews in Stowe, I gathered that the general sentiment is that restaurants in Stowe are pricey for all the tourists and pretty mediocre. The consensus answer to “where should I go for dinner in Stowe?” is “get in to your car and drive to another city,”

But Emily's was generally well received and close to where we were staying.

At 6pm, the restaurant was empty, other than the one couple sitting at the table beside us. On Sunday nights, they offer a special: any two entrees and a bottle of wine for $55. Since R and I don't drink wine, it meant there was ample wine for our dining companions. I had the duck (I do love duck); it was done two ways, a duck a l'orange and a seared duck breast. Both were well cooked and well seasoned. I preferred the breast over the duck a l'orange. R had the “whole rack of lamb,” and they weren't kidding; there were 6 chops on his plate. The lamb was also very good, cooked to a nice medium rare. The others had the cinnamon chicken and a flatiron steak. The concept of cinnamon chicken is interesting, it makes me think of chicken brik which is a Moroccan turnover of chicken, cinnamon and almonds. I always love the blending of sweet and savory. I didn't try either of their entrees, but they seemed to enjoy their food. Emily's also gets extra points for warm bread and soft spreadable butter (cold butter is such a pet peeve of mine.) Luckily, in Vermont, you are allowed to re-cork your wine and take it home, as there was plenty of wine left.

All in all, a perfectly fine meal, nothing extraordinary but very acceptable.



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Jan. 10th, 2008 01:59 am (UTC)
All you needed to do was ask for some of my rather scrumptious maple cinnamon chicken. I'll share food if there is a journalistic interest at stake. It was a good meal all and all.
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