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Admiral TJ O’Brien’s and Rom’s, Sturbridge


This is for my friend, Steve.


Sturbridge is a culinary wasteland, as far as I’m concerned. However, since there are at least 3 bridge tournaments a year at the Sturbridge Host Hotel, I’m forced to eat in Sturbridge more times than I would like.


At most, there’s an adequate pizza joint, a breakfast place that serves big ass muffins (it’s a descriptive term for their size and what they will do to you) and one upscale restaurant that does a good soup. The rest is chain restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King and the Piccadilly Pub.


Among all this is Admiral TJ O’Brien’s restaurant and pub. They serve standard American fare: sandwiches, chicken, steak, fried seafood, and pasta. Everything comes with your choice of fries, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes or rice. The salad is iceberg, and the veggies are frozen carrots and peas, you get the idea, right?


Steve finds this restaurant highly amusing. I think he ate here once and then had a big bridge game after and since then he jokes about the Admirals’ greatness. The menu has a full page bio of the Admiral and all his numerous accomplishments (war victories, degrees, humanitarian efforts). Bri, Steve and I hit the Admiral’s (or the Captain’s, as Brian likes to refer to it, to annoy Steve) on Sunday for a quick lunch. French Dip sandwiches for me and Bri, Steve got a grilled chicken sandwich. The sandwich was adequate, a little messy but passable, and my rice was greasy. The fries were underdone, a sad pale yellow shade. But it was fast and it was cheap. It’s really not worth blogging about, but I don’t have any stellar meals to write about.


I had dinner at Rom’s on Saturday night. Rom’s is an old school American Italian restaurant; with an all you can eat salad bar, and many red sauce entrees. I got the meat ravioli and it was the large ravioli I’ve ever seen. I think each one was 4.5” by 4.5”. Only five of them would fit on my plate, but I only managed to eat one and a half. The pasta was dry and stiff (undercooked) and the filling was flavorless, dry and crumbly. Yet, I wasn’t surprised or disappointed, that’s how low my expectations for Sturbridge are. Sorry Sturbridgians(?), maybe you can write me and let me know where I should go for food, God knows, I’ll be back in June.

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