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Pigs can fly, but these cupcakes don't kick ass

Recently, Davis Square in Somerville welcomed 2 new food shops: When Pigs Fly, and Kickass Cupcakes. You've probably seen When Pigs Fly breads in the market, or advertised during Phantom Gourmet. They do hearty, artisan style bread in a large assortment of flavors. Although the space is small, they offer about 18 different types of bread. They have simple white bread, savory combos (Tuscan tomato, olive and hot cherry peppers) and sweet breads (chocolate, carrot, coconut almond pineapple). The best thing about the store is that they have a large cutting board with every single bread on it and they will slice you a sample of any of them. The bread isn't the best out there, but it's pretty good. After sampling over 10 different breads, we felt we should buy some. We got a chocolate bread (very tasty, toasted with butter), a potato roasted garlic bread, and the white bread. The loaves are pricey, $5 - $6 bucks a loaf. I think for regular bread, I'll still go to the Iggy's factory store, but for new and interesting combinations, When Pigs Fly is a fun choice. Plus, R does love samples.

378b Highland Ave (Davis Square), Somerville, MA
Ph: 617-776-0021

Two doors down from When Pigs Fly is Kickass cupcakes, a new bakery that just opened a few months ago. It's gotten mostly negative reviews on, but for my Flog, I will sacrifice to bring you my opinion. It's also a small store front, with an open kitchen, so you can see the cupcake making action right in front of you. The first thing I noticed? The size, these are small ass cupcakes. That might have been okay, if it wasn't for the second thing I noticed, the price. Cupcakes are $2.75 each! That's truly obscene, even Magnolia Bakery in NYC, which is known worldwide for their cupcakes, only charge $2 a piece. There were some interesting looking flavors like, mojito (rum soaked with lime zest) and cinnamon chai spice. R picked out the Super Chocolate cupcake (chocolate cupcake, chocolate frosting and chocolate curls for garnish). I couldn't bring myself to order one. I thought the bread at When Pigs Fly was pricey, but for the price of 2 cupcakes, we could have bought another loaf of bread. So, how was it? Let's just say I should have believed my fellow chowhounders; it was unremarkable at best, dry and flavorless at worst. For $2.75, I could buy a box of Duncan hines mix and make you a dozen better cupcakes. Needless to say, I won't be back. Ever.


Tags: bakery, bread, dessert, somerville
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