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We had a lovely dinner tonight with IC and Betty (IC doesn't want his identity revealed, so I'll have to refer to him as CMB, confused monkey boy). We went to Icarus in the south end.

During the month of July, they have a $29 three course prix fixe menu to celebrate their 29th year. The menu is large enough to have a decent selection. I started with the “Summer Vegetable Antipasti”, it was a lovely little assortment of avocados, goat cheese, beets, tomatoes and other veggies. It was good, but nothing stunning. Hubby had the “Crisp Polenta, Braised Azuluna Veal Breast, Black Truffles, Parmesan.” The veal was very tender and tasty, although I didn't get that much truffle flavor. He really enjoyed it and thought it was the best part of his meal. Betty had the “Marinated Wellfleet Littlenecks & Casco Bay Mussels, Panzanella Salad & Saffron.” I didn't try it but she seemed to enjoy it. CMB had the “Corn Chowder, Crispy Bacon, Scallops.” He was “shocked” at the size of it; he felt it should have been 5 times larger. We laughed at him, apparently, he is not used to fine dining portion sizes. He stated that the flavor of what was there was good.

The bread basket had a tangy sourdough with a multiseeded crust and a French bread. Both done well; warm with a nice crispy crust.

For a main course I had the “Confit of Duck with Gooseberries & Currants.” It was fabulous. I love duck, but frequently I get disappointing entrees. This duck had the crispy skin, every duck dish should have, along with tender, flavorful leg and thigh meat on the bone. The gooseberries and currants were a bit too tart, but there were also nectarines in the fruit compote, and it went with the duck splendidly. Hubby had the “Grilled Leg of Lamb, Socca Pancakes Stuffed with Peppery Greens, Lemon Caper Vinaigrette.” His lamb was good, but not as good as the roast lamb we had at the Watertown Greek festival a few weeks back. CMB also had the lamb. Betty ordered the “Grilled Chuck-Eye Tender, Spicy Tomato Basil Relish, Roasted Potato Wedges.” Again, didn't taste it, but she seemed to enjoy it.

For dessert Hubby and I ordered “Chocolate Molten Souffle Cake for Two with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.” Hubby has a principle about desserts; he feels that if there is a dessert that must be “ordered in advance,” he must order it. Initially he wanted to order the souffle for two for himself, but finally agreed to share with me. CMB had the “Fresh Fruit Johnnycake Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream,” and Betty had a lemon panna cotta with blueberries. The souffle was good, but nothing special. It was like every other “warm chocolate cake with liquidly middle” I really enjoyed the lemon panna cotta, the texture was spot on, and the lemon was subtle and refreshing. I think it was CMB's favorite. The cobbler was good too, and luckily I think it was Betty's favorite, so they were able to happily finish each other's desserts.

Service was fine. I do want to mention the decor; Icarus gets listed all the time as a great place for a romantic dinner, but I thought it was a little too loud and bright for a romantic setting. Dimmer lights, candles on the table and upholstered chairs would have changed the ambiance dramatically.

All in all, a nice meal, and certainly a great value for $29 each(plus $10 extra for the souffle).

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