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News Flash! Formaggio Kitchen BBQ is back for one day, this Saturday!

In addition to having the best cheese selection in the area, Formaggio Kitchen, during the summer months, sells fantastic BBQ. The owner sets up a grill and a little stand, right outside the shop on Saturday mornings, starting at 11am until he runs out of food. R and I happened upon accidentally. It was a warm Saturday morning and we were driving down Huron Ave in Cambridge with the windows rolled down. There was a huge line and the smell of BBQ hit us like a wall. R pulled a quick u-ee so that we could investigate. What we found was the most delicious brisket sandwich; it was served on a ciabatta roll and topped with sweet caramelized onions. We wolfed it down and called a friend and told him he simply had to come meet us to try a sandwich. We wolfed down another with him when he arrived. Whenever we remember (because it’s only on Saturdays) we always stop by for a sandwich. The pulled pork is damn good too.


But the summer inevitably ends and so does the BBQ, but my friend Richard just informed me that for this Saturday only, they will sell BBQ again. If you want to pre-order for stuff for the big game, you can do that also. Do stop by if you are in the area, because summer is still a LONG way away.


Formaggio Kitchen

244 Huron Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138


Tags: cambridge, restaurant review
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