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Karl's Sausage Kitchen, Saugus

There is a German sausage paradise in Saugus and it is call Karl’s. They make almost everything in house. I’ve been meaning to go ever since I heard about the triple smoked bacon. After all, why would you need to smoke bacon, not once, not twice but three times? Well, I finally made it there this weekend and learned the answer. When the bacon is smoked three times, it’s fully cooked and there’s no need to heat it up, you can just slice and eat. I don’t recommend this. It’s a little weird. However, it’s delicious sliced thick and cooked like regular bacon; the smoke is intense. I used it in the chowder and the baked beans and it was great in both.


I also got 6 different kinds of wurst: bratwurst, knockwurst, liverwurst, course bratwurst, rostbratwurst, and bauernwurst. Don’t ask me to explain the difference, I think it all has to do with the intensity of the seasonings. I think my favorite was the rostbratwurst, a caraway spiced pork and veal sausage. The liverwurst was unbelievable. It was like a delicious pate that people pay twice as much for elsewhere. We polished ½ a pound off in a sitting, with crackers and red onion. I need more. I need more now.


Go, check it out, the place is a trip all things German such as candy, magazines and CDs. The people there are so friendly. They will let you sample almost anything. It’s clear they are proud of their shop. Next time, I’m going try the black forest ham (imported) and the smoke pork chops (and, of course, get more liverwurst).


Karl’s Sausage Kitchen

142 Broadway  (Northbound side of Rt. 1)
Saugus, MA 01906

(781) 233-3099

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