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DJ's and the Echo Lake Inn, Ludlow, Vt (and other meals)

R and I had great weekend skiing (him) and relaxing (me) with our friends Mj and Brian and another couple (friends of Mj and Brian's). We stayed at a condo at Okemo Mountain, that was slope side with easy ski-in and ski-out access. The views were spectacular, especially watching the sunrise over the mountains. But enough about the condo, and on to what's really important, the food.

Friday - We drove up on Friday night and met Mj and Brian at DJ's, a throwback to the classic American restaurant, complete with “30-item salad bar,” The menu is unadventurous: steaks, chicken, deep fried seafoods. I had stuffed haddock, which was way overcooked and I only ate a third of it. Mj had fried osyters, which were underfried, a little soggy. R had the prime rib, and it was surprisingly good. Brian had the filet mingon, which I didn't taste, but he reported it was good.

Saturday – For breakfast I made a baked French toast casserole (which is essentially bread pudding), scrambled eggs, and Nimen Ranch bacon. Lunch was just sandwiches, and for dinner I made the same pot roast from the super bowl party. The flunkin was delicious and I served it over buttered egg noodles. I guess I should have served a veggie, oh well. Mj's friends also bought a delicious assortment of cheeses and olives for appetizers, including one of my favorite triple cremes, Saint Andre.

Sunday – Mj was in charge of breakfast, and made breakfast tacos with potato, egg, cheese, and scallion. They were tasty (maybe she'll post the recipe here), and served with sausage links.

We explored the area little that afternoon, and went to the Vermont country store in nearby Weston, Vt. The store was overwhelmingly large with generous samples of cheeses, meats, cookies, crackers, dips, salsa, fudge and chips. I think I ate a whole meal of free samples. R loved it.

Sunday's dinner was at the Echo Lake Inn, a Victorian inn built in the 1790's. Mj and Brian both had the butternut squash bisque to start and seemed to really like it. R and I shared a pasta dish, which was basically a lasagna noodle rolled up with some ricotta filling. I was not impressed.

The entrees were all great. I had the duck breast, which was served with a nice blueberry sauce that complimented the duck quite well. Mj had the roast pork loin with apples. It was also tasty and not overcooked or dry as pork can often be. Brian's venison with maple smoked bacon was not at all gamy, but rich and meaty. I think R had the best entree; he ordered veal medallions with mushrooms and marsala sauce. The veal was tender and flavorful.

Desserts were also surprisingly good; we ordered a maple pot de creme, chocolate raspberry cake, carrot cake and pecan pie. I think the pot de creme was was best, rich, smooth and satisfying. The carrot cake was okay, but the frosting was overly sweet.

All in all, a good meal, especially given that my research stated that Ludlow was for skiing, not eating.

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