gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Smoked pork chops

Since my discovery of Karl's sausage kitchen a few weeks ago, I have already been back twice. I am addicted to their liverwurst; I could polish off half a pound in a sitting. This last time, I got some smoked pork chops. They are huge; an inch and a half thick and on the bone. I boiled them for 5 minutes, while in a separate pan I sauteed onion, garlic, potato and sauerkraut I got from Russo's. I nestled the pork chops in and let them cook slowly for 30 minutes. The pork chops, themselves, were delicious, however, I've discovered I'm not a fan of sauerkraut. I don't know why I'm surprised; I'm not a fan of acid in my food. I never squeeze lemon on my fish. I think next time I will cook them with apple, potato and white wine.

Tags: entrees
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