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Cookbook review: Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois

I used the Master recipe from this cookbook back in November when Mark Bittman wrote about it int the NYT. I really enjoyed the bread; I used it to make pizza and rolls.

I finally got the cookbook and used the master recipe again, this time I made whole loaves and a batch of cinnamon rolls. The Master recipe is so easy and nothing is better than hot, fresh bread out of the oven: the crackle of the crust, the warm yeasty smell and the melting of the butter as you spread a pat over a slice. My favorite is still to make rolls out of it.

As for the cookbook itself, the Master recipe, which was printed in the NYT article (I posted it on the previous flog entry), is really the only important part. They filled the other 255 pages with variations, such as mixing herbs in, or making different shapes, or using different types of flour. All of it looks good, but it's really just filler information. So, save yourself the $18 dollars and make the Master recipe and use your imagination for variations.

Tags: bread, cookbook review
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