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Mexican Wedding Cookies

We had a game night on Saturday, and it was a Mexican theme (at least for the food, games were strictly German. Those Germans, they know their board games.)


Technically, it was more Tex-Mex than real Mexican food. I did a huge taco/nacho bar, flan, and Mexican wedding cookies. It is a really easy way to entertain a large crowd; there’s lots of prep work (clean, slicing, dicing etc.) but very little cooking. Plus, it’s interactive; your guests get to make their taco/nachos exactly the way they want it. Here what I offered for toppings:


Cheese, lettuce, tomato, Spanish rice, olives, sour cream, guacamole, two different salsas (hot and peach), black beans, caramelized onions, red onions, scallions, roasted red and green peppers, and seasoned grounded beef.


I put out oven trays and left the oven on at 400 degrees and let people pop their nacho creations in. Fun, and melty cheese is always good.


For desserts, I made a flan. I’ll admit it, I use a Goya box mix. 8 years ago, I made a flan from scratch. It was a lot of eggs and a lot of work, and I did not think it was all that much better. Maybe I would feel differently now, but I always use the mix when I’m hankering for flan.


I also made Mexican wedding cookies. Very easy recipe, it came together quickly, there are not a lot of ingredients and no eggs are used. It’s like a rich pecan shortbread cookie.


Ice cream from Christina’s rounded out the desserts: Cinnamon, Mexican Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee oreo.


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