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Last Restaurant Standing and other TV shows

It’s surprising that I’ve never blogged about TV before, after all there’s a lot of food tv out there, and I’m a TV junkie, watching most of it. What are my favorites? (In no particular order)


  1. Good Eats – Alton Brown is a god.
  2. Top Chef – A reality show that is done really well. It’s a million times better than Hell’s Kitchen (which I also watched) and the Next Food Network Star (yes, I watched this too; I told you I’m a TV junkie!) Season 4 starts at the end of this month!!!
  3. Iron Chef America – Chefs as gladiators.
  4. Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares – Gordon Ramsey goes in to a failing restaurant and consults on how to improve it. The British version is far better, but I also watch the American version.
  5. Made To Order – Follows the day to day happenings in an upscale restaurant in Ontario.
  6. Paula Deen’s shows – it’s not on the Tivo list, but I’ll tune in if there’s nothing else. If Butter, mayo, sour cream, cream cheese and cheese didn’t exist, she would have nothing to cook with.
  7. Diary of a Foodie – Gourmet Magazine’s TV show.
  8. Everyday Food – Martha Stewart’s answer to Rachael Ray’s 30 minute meals.
  9. America’s Test Kitchen – Cook’s Illustrated’s TV show. Gotta love Chris Kimball’s bowtie.
  10. Best Recipes in the World – Mark Bittman from  NYT, goes around the world and eats. A lot.
  11. No Reservations – It’s more a travel show with an emphasis on food, but host/chef Tony Bourdain is the greatest. You should also read his books.
  12. Bizarre Foods – Andrew Zimmern eats all sorts of nasty things like rancid whale blubber, insects, jellied reindeer nose and Durian.


Anyways, the point of this post is a new reality food show that I’m completely addicted to: Last Restaurant Standing. It’s a British reality show, host by Raymond Blanc, who is the chef/owner of Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons a two star Michelin restaurant in Oxfordshire, England. The premise is that 9 teams of 2 get their own restaurant space and 50,000 pounds to start a restaurant, and every week there is challenge and someone gets eliminated. The winners get to open a restaurant with Blanc’s backing. The show really gives a glimpse in to the world of running a restaurant. It’s completely riveting.


It’s on BBC America on Tuesday at 9pm. When America steals this show concept from Britain, and creates an inferior version, I want to be a constant!

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