gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Lulu’s bake shoppe, North End


These cupcakes *do* kick ass


R had a hankering for cupcakes last night after watching a cupcake throwdown battle on food network. I could have whipped some up, but my co-worker recently told me about a bakery in the North End that does great cupcakes (full disclosure: his girlfriend is the owner’s niece). We hopped in to the car and soon we were illegally parked on Hanover St. The store is cute, with a black and white striped awning and pink accents everywhere. I got three cupcakes: red velvet, oreo and peanut butter. The cupcakes were excellent, all of them moist and tender. The frostings were superb, not heavy, cloying, greasy, or artificial tasting, but fluffy, creamy and flavorful. We polished off all three (they are medium sized) with a tall glass of milk and were very content. The cupcakes are priced individually; my bill came to $6.00. I’ll be sure to try their other pastries next time, they advertise a good looking lemon cupcake on their website.

Tags: bakery, boston
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