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Pizzeria Regina at Station Landing in Medford

Hubby and I were coming home from the movies (appropriately enough, we saw Ratatouille) and I had a hankering for pizza. We stopped at Regina's newest outpost in Medford, next to where the Krispy Kreme used to be (a moment of silence, please). We were seated right away and had the fried calamari and a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza. Calamari was surprisingly decent, tender, not greasy, and Hubby really liked the marinara sauce that came with it. I felt it was a small serving for the price. The pizza was great, very classic. The crust was good, not too thick, good chew and flavor. Mushrooms were fresh, not canned (there is nothing worse than canned mushrooms on pizza – blech!) and the pepperoni oozed the right amount of grease. We only finished half the pie, but I think this will hold up in the “cold pizza test”.

McLight has deemed this Regina's “better than Cambridge, not as good as the North End,” which is a statement I'll concur with. Although, it's a little bizarre why Cambridge and Medford aren't equivalent, after all, wasn't that the whole point of Ray Kroc's chain restaurant theory?

Service was fine, we had a cute, enthusiastic teenager. My only complaint is that she refused to let me pack up my own pizza. Hubby's friend Jim has a “doggy bag principle,” which I have also adopted. He believes that once the food leaves the kitchen, it shouldn't go back in the kitchen, so he always asks for a take out box to pack it up himself. I've spent time waitressing, (not to mention read Kitchen Confedential – excellent book, BTW) and believe me it's a good idea. So I attempted to ask for a box, and our cute little waitress was like, “no, it's no trouble at all! I'll do that for you.” and whisked my pizza away. Oh well.

We attempted to stop at the Cold Stone Creamery next door, but we failed. There was a long wait, and it gave hubby time to decide that Christina's ice cream is superior to all, so why were we at Cold Stone? So we left. Now, I love Christina's, I was even going to commission a special flavor for our wedding day, but it's nice to have a change of pace, once in a while. Cold Stone's gimmick is all about the mix-in's and I do have to admit their Founder's Favorite (sweet cream ice cream, brownies, pecans, fudge and caramel) is pretty damn good. The nuts are nice and crunchy when freshly mixed in, adding a texture component not found in Christina's. Plus, there is no caramel flavored ice cream at Christina's.

Long story short, there's a quart of Christina's Vanilla and a pint of Rum Raisin in my freezer.

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