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Baltic European Deli, Dorchester


I went to Café Polonia again for lunch. I pretty much had what I had last time: stuffed cabbage, pierogis, kielbasa, and their sublime potato pancake. The thing I want to write about it is that after lunch, we went across the street to the Baltic European Deli, a Polish grocery, owned by the same people as Café Polonia.


It reminds me a little of Karl’s sausage kitchen; they have a deli case filled with a dozen sausage varieties. I told the friendly girl behind the deli counter that it was my first time there and what did she recommend? She pointed out two of her favorite smoked sausages, so I got a large link of each.


I wandered in to the pastry section and pick up a large poppy seed loaf, it looked like a pound cake, but packed with poppy seed. I brought it to the register and the friendly girl left the register with it and came back with another pastry: a poppy seed strudel. “You like poppy seed?” she said in her heavy polish accent, “This one, I like better.” I agree to go with the strudel instead. My girl did not steer me wrong; it was delicious. It was moist, exploding with poppy seeds, with almond and orange flavor. The kielbasi were great, too. I’m going back soon.


Baltic European Deli

632 Dorchester Ave

So. Boston, MA


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