gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Uncle Pete’s, Revere

R insists on going all the way to the Revere Showcase cinema for movies as it has huge screens, surround sound and all stadium seating in comfy reclining chairs. Another reason to go to Revere? Uncle Pete’s Hickory Ribs. They make my favorite beef ribs in town (my favorite of all time is Ironworks in Austin - ).  The ribs are enormous – think Fred Flintstone and the ribs that tipped over his car. Great beefy flavor, and just enough satisfying chew. R likes the Asian slaw that comes as a side dish. It’s cole slaw, but dressed with peanut sauce which makes it sweet, surprising and refreshing.


3 beef ribs is $10, Half a rack (6) is $16, a whole rack (12) is $27, clearly one has to get a whole rack. So that what R and I did, but instead of 12 ribs, it came with 15. I ate 2, R managed 3. Let’s just say there are a whole lot of ribs in my fridge.


BTW, we saw The Other Boleyn Girl and it was awful. Good thing the ribs were good enough to make up for it.

Tags: restaurant review, revere
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