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Tavern in the Square, Cambridge

I usually play bridge on Tuesday nights, and after the game ends, a group of us go out for food and drinks. However, there are not many choices for dining at 10pm on a Tuesday night, so we usually go to John Harvard’s in Harvard square. They have a bar menu that they serve till 11pm. That’s right, for all the new restaurants and fine dining that I like to write about, every Tuesday night you will find me eating buffalo wings (without sauce) and fries at JH. It’s a sad state of affairs. My friend Steve asked why I have never blogged about it, despite the fact that I’ve probably eaten there more often than any other restaurant. Well, there’s not much to write about; it’s a dark, dank basement space that is home to the many mice I’ve seen scurrying about. The service is inconsistent; it is great when one of our regular waiters that knows our food and drink preferences by heart, it’s miserable when it’s a new trainee, which happens quite often. As for the food, it’s as inconsistent as the service. Sometimes the fries are hot and crispy, other times limp and soggy. But, the beer list is good and most importantly, they are open.


Tavern in the Square has one location in Central Sq, and recently opened a new one in the Porter Exchange in the space vacated by Rustic Kitchen. They serve their full menu till 11pm and their bar menu till midnight and even later on weekend nights. The space is huge, and there are a gazillion large flat screen TVs. We sat at a comfy high banquette and I ordered wings and waffle fries to share with Vincent, as I always do. I loved the waffle fries, but they are twice the price for half the amount as JH. The wings were inferior; dry and scrawny. Steve had a chicken parm sandwich, which he proclaimed was “fine,” and Emily had a BLT pizza, which she seemed to really like. I had a slice and it was okay. It did have a nice crispy crust. Our service was good; we didn’t have to ask for water refills or the bill. The menu is huge compared to the 10 offerings at JH, and the space is much nicer and cleaner. The prices are a bit more expensive and the beer selection is not as good. So will Tavern replace JH as our regular Tuesday night haunt? Probably not, but it’s a nice change of pace once in a while.

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