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Hungry Mother's, Cambridge

It just opened 5 days ago, but the buzz on has been good. I went there for Easter dinner with a group of 7 others. In addition to appetizers and entrees, the menu has a “To tide you over” section which is small bites. We ordered 5 out of the 6 offerings: Pork Rillettes, Spicy Pimento Cheese, Deviled Eggs w/ bacon, Boiled Virgina Peanuts and a beef tongue canape. I really enjoyed the small bites. The deviled egg came with 3 halves, each with a large bacon sail nestled in to the yolk – very tasty. The boiled peanuts were classic, like you would get in a roadside store down south. My favorite single bite of the whole dinner was the beef tongue. It was tender, and flavorful.

For my main course I had the catfish with collard greens and cauliflower, and a side order of grits w/ tasso ham and cheese. The catfish was cornmeal coated and pan fried, instead of deep frying, so it wasn't greasy at all. I liked the collards a lot, they were not cooked to dead limpness as most are. The cauliflower was good, but it was scattered all over my plate, like a garnish, instead of a side. There were also croûton like bread cubes, which I didn't really understand. The grits were good, with a nice salty edge from the tasso. R had the braised pork shoulder; it came with one perfect smoky rib. The pork shoulder pieces were a conundrum: it was very tender, yet a little on the dry side. Usually one precludes the other. R also got cornbread, which also dry. I also sampled the gnocchi, which was light and not at all doughy. Someone did get the chicken, but I did not try it. He proclaimed that the chicken was very good and cleaned his plate.

Dessert was unimpressive. I got a chocolate cardamom pot de creme and although I liked the flavor, the texture was way off. Pot de cremes are supposed be a soft, silky, smooth custard. This was more like a thick chocolate ganache in a ramekin. It was served cold and you needed force to get a spoonful. It was better when it warmed up a little, but come on folks, this is not a pot de creme recipe you have here. R got the sticky bun, it was small but decent flavor.

The service was very attentive and friendly, and the remodel of the restaurant looks great. I think it's a nice addition to the area.

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