gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Bagels, strudel and pickles, oh my!

Due to Zelda's condition, I canceled a trip I planned for NYC, but my friend Danny went anyway to see his sister. God bless him, he called me on Friday and asked if I wanted anything from the city? Damn straight! He brought me a dozen sesame bagels from H&H, an apple strudel from Zabar's(the best gourmet grocery ever!) and a tub of my favorite half-sour pickles from Rein's in Vernon, CT on the way home.

There really is nothing like a NY bagel and H&H is the best of the bunch. One bite brings me back to college when my roommate Joanna and I would have hot bagels and cream cheese and read the paper. I got some smoked salmon, smoked trout, red onion, capers, tomatoes and cream cheese and dinner was delectable. If you are in NY, go get a bagel, and have one for me, too. Or go to Barney Greengrass on the upper west side and have the best smoked fish of your life.

H&H bagels

2239 Broadway

New York, NY 10024

Tags: new york
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