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How does 30lbs of meat end up costing over $20,000 dollars? I blame Mj and Brian.

It all started so innocently. Mj mentioned to me that they had just joined a meat CSA from a farm in Vermont. CSA stands for community supported agriculture. You've probably heard of vegetable CSAs; you pay a fixed amount money for a weekly delivery of fresh produce from a local farm, usually organic. It's a little bit like Iron Chef, because you never know what you are going to get, but you know is going to be good and seasonal. A meat CSA works similarly, except it's monthly instead of weekly, and you get 10lbs of assorted beef, lamb, pork and veal. The meat is organic and grass-fed.

I thought this sounded like a great idea and so I also joined the CSA. I realized that my freezer is usually pretty packed, so where was I going to put all the meat? The solution? Get a freezer unit. But then I realized I really don't need that much more freezer space, but having slightly more freezer space and a whole lot more of refrigerator space would be great. So, R and I decided that we should get a new fridge and move our current one in to the recycling room. This meant the recycling room, with it's mountain of boxes, bottles and and paper bags needed to be sorted and cleaned up. So we spent a good 90 minutes doing that, and afterwards we noticed that ceiling plaster was degrading in one spot. R took a scraper to it and chunks of the ceilings fell down. R isn't sure if it is due to a leak from the bathroom upstairs, or from the chimney/roof. We've known for a while that the roof/gutters/flashing/downspouts all need to be replaced and so there's not point in fixing the ceiling in the recycling room until that is done. And, as long as we clearing out the recycling room, we should really rip up the heinous pink carpeting from the previous residents.

R spent the afternoon calling roofers to get estimate appointments, and I researched refrigerators.

We went to Yale Appliance & Electric, my favorite appliance store to look at the front-runner, a stainless steel Amana side by side, a Consumer Report best buy. We liked it, we bought it. It's coming on Friday.|4389

But that's not all, our current refrigerator is 66 inches tall, and there is a cabinet situated over it. The new refrigerator is 70 inches, so R is now downstairs taking a Skil saw to the bottom of the cabinet. The kitchen looks like an episode of This Old House threw up on it.

So, to tally up:

Meat CSA (3 Months) - $195

New fridge - $1,400

New roof/gutters/flashing/downspouts ~ $20,000

Replastering, and painting the recycling room – free, but I have to wait ages for R to get around to it.

Shorter over the fridge cabinet - also free, but chaos in my kitchen.

This is why we seldom get anything done; small things always snowball in to avalanches for us. Sorry for all the rambling. Maybe one day I'll tell you the story about the over the range hood that turned in to buying a new house.

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