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Grotto - Big Night

Grotto, a cute little italian restaurant on Beacon Hill is having a "Big Night" night again on July 26th! We went last time with MJ and Brian and had a great time!


Ok...It's another Big Night

Big Night is one of our favorite movies at Grotto.  A classic story of two Italian brothers, Primo & Secondo, who decide to open a restaurant.  They serve authentic Italian cuisine, but the public wants to dine at the Americanized Italian restaurant across the street, and business is failing. The brothers finally get their chance when the owner of the restaurant across the street says he will get Louis Prima to come to their restaurant for dinner.

The brothers invite everyone they know and tell the press hoping for a great write up.  The stage is set for Big Night, the feast that Primo prepares is of film lore and guests are awed by the quality of the cuisine, but Louis Prima never show, and the rest is history.  On July 26th, 2007 at 7pm Grotto is once again re-creating the multi-course Big Night dinner, from timpano to whole roasted pig, Grotto will set the stage for our best Big Night ever.   Guests are encouraged to dress in fifties-style evening wear like in the movie.  The dinner is 70 dollars with house selected wines, or 50 dollars if you wish to choose your own vintage.   The event is by reservation only, please call 617 227 3434.


My advice is to see the movie and pace yourself if you want to make it to the end! Enjoy!

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