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Flames – Huntington Ave location

One of my clients, an aspiring culinary student, has been telling me to go to Flames for ages. Flames serves Caribbean soul food, and they opened a second location on Tremont and Huntington Ave. I drive by it at least once a month. I've attempted to go several times, but I'm always thwarted by the lack of parking. I found myself cruising by Wednesday, around lunchtime and there was a space right across the street. I considered it fate and parked the car (I let fate dictate my dining alot, don't I?).

It's a smallish space, with booths and tables. Food is served cafeteria style. I've read the oxtails are great, so I got a small order with rice and beans and mac and cheese. There were lots of options; curried goat, BBQ chicken, conch curry etc. The oxtails were great; they were melt-in-your-mouth tender and very flavorful. Last time I had oxtails this good was at Babbo in NYC, One of Batali's restaurants.

It's funny, Mario cooks them, and it's considered fine dining at $26 an entree, some random guy in Roxbury does it just as well and gets $8 a pop. Nice.

My sides were good, but nothing special.

The people in front and behind me all ordered meat patties to go with their meal. I think next time fate offers me a parking space I'll try one.

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