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Skellig, Waltham

We had dinner Saturday night with Jon and Michelle. The interesting thing about them is that they won a free wedding; it was the grand prize at a wedding expo they attended back in the fall. He hasn’t even purposed yet and poof! The wedding date’s set. It’s ludicrous, I’m mean, who actually wins these things? Well, my friends Jon and Michelle, for one.


We went to the Skellig, an Irish bar and restaurant on Moody St. It is the sister restaurant to the Burren in Davis Sq. My favorite story about the Burren is that I was once restrained on the floor of the Burren. Not because I was out of control drunk or anything. I had just started working at a residential treatment facility and I was there with a few co-workers for a post work drink (we worked 2pm to 11pm shifts). When I said I had to leave because I had a 9am training on how to do restraints on out of control kids, my crazy co-workers exclaimed that I didn’t need to go because they could teach me right there. Next thing you know, I’m on the floor of the Burren in a prone position. Not a good place to be.


Anyways, back to Skellig, R and I shared some fried calamari to start. It was very mediocre, chewy and flavorless – definitely from frozen. It’s really our own fault, what were we thinking ordering calamari in an Irish bar? We can’t help it, it’s a compulsion, we see, we have to order it. I had a bacon cheeseburger. It was good competent burger, cooked correctly and the steak fries that came with it were great. R had the Guinness beef stew, which had good flavor and tender beef. Michelle had steamed mussels in garlic cream sauce, which were surprisingly delicious. Jon had a steak and cheese sandwich, I didn’t try it, but he enjoyed it.


The service was fine, and the restaurant is spacious in a way only places in the suburbs can be. A cover band started in the back room (we were in the front area) at 10pm and it sounded semi-decent. All together, not a bad place to stop for a bite.

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