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Rocca, South End

Rocca is running a special “2 for $22” Sunday supper menu. It includes an appetizer and an entree with a “sweet”. R and I had reservations to Rocca during restaurant week, but he was sick so we never got there. Rocca is a large two level space on Harrison street in the South End. They even have a complimentary parking lot! There is also a patio that would be great on warm summer nights.


The bread basket consisted of some nice focaccia soaked in a fruity olive oil. Very tasty. You have to be careful not to fill up on bread. I went with the Sunday special and got a savory panna cotta with morels and English peas. The flavors were good and texture was creamy, but years and years ago I had an amazing blue crab flan at EVOO and I think I’m still searching for it’s equal. This wasn’t it. For my entrée, I had tagliatelle with crab, asparagus and lemon. It was delicious, a perfect spring pasta. The noodles were homemade and the sauce was creamy but well-balanced with the acid from the lemon. Rocca also offers “Tastes” which are smaller than appetizers, so we ordered the warm mushroom toasts with pecorino. It was a tasty bite, but worth $5? Probably not. R had the fried calamari for an appetizer (compulsive, I tell you!) and it was good, but it came with pesto for a dipping sauce. I think that given the fact you never want oily calamari, there’s no reason to dip it in to more oil. Fried calamari should always come with a tomato sauce to balance the frying. R’s main course was rigatoni with veal and tomato baked in a cast iron pot. It was fine, but nothing I couldn’t have made in my own kitchen.


The “sweet” that came with my meal was a dry chocolate cake with coconut cream. There is nothing worse than dry chocolate cake. Milk couldn’t even save it. There was a peach tiramisu that looked intriguing, but as peaches are not in season, they didn’t have it (then take it off the menu!).


All in all, it was an okay meal, with lots of up and downs. It’s too bad, I really wanted to like it, as there were a lot of items on the menu I was interested in, but I probably will not be back anytime soon. My friend Bri was at Sweet Basil and all I could think was “he’s having a better meal than I am. I want some bolognese!”

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