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Kitchen face lift


Someone recently said to me, “I would love to see your kitchen. I bet it’s amazing.” It’s true; you would think that given my love of all things food (buying it, cooking it, eating it, going out for it and blogging about it.) I would have a fantastic kitchen. But the sad truth is my kitchen is sorely inadequate. Despite the fact that our home is 3 times larger than our previous house, the kitchen is 75% the size with barely any counter space. I had to annex another room for storing my All-Clad and a six foot butcher block counter. The stove is strangely situated in an alcove, which means it is dark and I have scotched the wall from high temperature cooking. The paint is cream and chipping, the counters are grey-flecked Formica, the floor is a tan laminate pattern, the lighting is institutional florescent and lastly the cabinets are also Formica, off white with grey veins running through it. Sound ugly enough yet? Then on the other end of the spectrum, I have my beautiful appliances (thank you, Yale), all stainless steel including my lovely double oven. There’s my Kitchen Aid mixer which is the flagship of my small appliances. My All-Clad addiction has garnered me quite a collection, as well as Dutch ovens of various sizes from Le Creuset. The Shun knifes are also glorious. It’s like Sur la Table threw up on a Salvation Army kitchen.


When we moved in 2 years ago, we agreed to a five year plan. We would live in it for five years before embarking on a massive remodel. The kind of remodel that takes twice as long as the contractor estimates (and probably costs twice as much, also). I want to knock down walls and create a gynormous kitchen. It will have hardwood floors, custom cabinets, granite counter tops, an island with a special marble top for pastry work, a two sinks (one farmhouse style and a smaller one in the island for prep work, a Viking stove with 6 burners, a griddle/grill and a separate induction area (maybe even a deep fryer?). I want at least two ovens, and maybe a pizza oven, too. The kitchen will be the crown jewel of the house.


But with all the other work that needs to be done to the house (roofing work, masonry, etc. etc.) the five year plan is looking like a ten year plan and I can’t stand to look at the kitchen as is any longer. So, we embarked on a simple cosmetic makeover for the kitchen. We are painting the walls yellow (Benjamin Moore’s yellow rain coat, to be exact), the cabinet doors are blue (Nantucket fog) and the ceiling and trim are just white. We also got new knobs and a new light fixture. The first coat of yellow is up and the cabinet doors are all done. The walls look great and I can’t wait till we hang the doors back up.


Anyways, the result of all this is that I haven’t had a kitchen since Friday and have been doing lots of eating out, so lots to post about!

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