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Pescatore Seafood, Somerville

Pescatore is a small seafood restaurant in Ball square that opened up last summer. I imagined it to be similar to Moulton’s in Medford ( ), an inexpensive, but good restaurant you can hit without a reservation and wearing paint splattered clothing. It turned out to be a little nicer than I anticipated (tablecloths, linen napkins and nice, cozy décor (only 8 tables). We shared a Fisherman’s platter (fish, clams, scallops, calamari, onion strings and fries) and a fettuccine Bolognese.


The bread basket was Iggy’s Francese and came with a generous plate of olives in a fruity EVOO. The platter came first and it was fantastic. The problem with most Fishermen’s platters is that it’s a lot of fried food and you usually feel gross by the end of it. This platter was not greasy at all; the scallops were sweet, the shrimp was plump, the calamari was tender and the fish was excellent, probably the best fish in a Fishermen’s platter I’ve ever had. The clams were only okay. This may be my favorite Fishermen’s platter.


The fettuccine Bolognese was awful, but I almost feel like it’s my fault for ordering it. The pasta was homemade and good enough, but the sauce was bland and the meat was almost gritty. Steve (who shares my love of the Bolognese at Sweet Basil) and I just had a conversation last week about how there is no point in ordering it anywhere else, because it is never as good. Perhaps I just need to make a Declaration of Bolognese and vow to never order anywhere other than Sweet Basil.


But despite the awful pasta, I was impressed enough by the platter that I do want to come back. Next time, I’ll stick to the seafood dishes.


Pescatore Seafood

158 Boston Ave.

Somerville, Ma



Here’s a review from the Globe:

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