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Jin Asian Cuisine, Saugus

If you have driven up Route 1 in Saugus, you’ve seen it; it’s a giant monstrosity of a Chinese restaurant up on a hill. It was built in 1989 for 13 million dollars to resemble the Forbidden City in China. Apparently the dim sum is $2 a plate and my parents can’t resist a bargain. When I called about taking them out for Mother’s day next weekend, my mom’s response was, “Going out on Mother’s day is stupid, they give you garbage because everyone goes out on Mother’s day. If you want to be a good daughter, everyday should be Mother’s day, not just one out of 365 days.” Yeah, Mama Lee is a really character.


So, instead, we decided to go this weekend to Jin Asian Cuisine for dim sum. My mother was disappointed to learn that the prices have already gone up ($2.30 a dish). The restaurant is unbelievably huge. I think they could serve 800-1000 people and not feel crowded. The restaurant also retains a lot of the opulent decor of the 80’s; there are a lot of intricate wood carved trim, inlayed marble work and glass ceilings. R said that it reminded him of something that would be in Vegas, with its size and over-the-topness.


The food was okay, very standard dim sum fare: shrimp dumplings, shu mai, shrimp rolls, fried taro balls, stuffed peppers, clams in black bean sauce, salt and pepper shrimp and tripe. It was all fine, nothing outstanding, but definitely cheap. The bill came to $52 bucks, for 5 people.


So, if you were stuck on North shore and want decent cheap dim sum, Jin’s a fine way to go.


Sadly, we tried to stop by Karl’s sausage kitchen on the way home, but there are closed on Sundays. I need more liverwurst!


20 Bennett Hwy
Saugus, MA 01906

(781) 231-8888

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