gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Whatta Wing, Arlington

It’s 830pm on a Sunday night and you are passed out on the couch, covered in paint and exhausted. All you want is a sub. You’ve tried calling Carl’s steak and cheese in Waltham, they are closed. You’ve tried calling Bob’s in Medford, closed. Nicola’s in Arlington, closed. You are ready to give up. But then you remember that new place that just opened up nearby, Whatta Wing. They are open till 10:30om and best of all they deliver. You are saved from getting dressed and moving off the couch. Bravo.


We got an order of wings with sauce on the side (they have a list of 27 different options) and an eggplant parm sub and a veal parm sub. The wings were mediocre, but the subs were decent enough (although, when I asked for them to be toasted, they told me they don’t have a toaster!). Now if I have a sub craving on a Sunday night, I have somewhere to call.

Tags: arlington, restaurant review
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