gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

A picnic from Russo's


The second coat of yellow is up on the walls, and hopefully we will finish painting the trim tomorrow. I’m a little sick of eating out (who knew it could happen?). I went to Russo’s after work and pick up some goodies and I surprised R with an indoor picnic. I got:


3 Cheeses – Blue, Sheep’s milk pepato, and a maple smoked cheddar.

Truffle duck mousse


Country potato salad

Wood grill calamari

Fruits – apples and grapes

Fig preserves

Mixed olives

Banana bread pudding


It was a perfect assortment of foods to graze and nibble on. The potato salad was bland, and the banana bread was okay. But, the wood fired calamari was delicious, the smoky flavor permeated throughout and it was the perfect texture. It was really very good. My favorite was the mousse on a cracker with a briny olive on top, such a great mingling of flavors. If you haven’t been to Russo’s, you should really go.

Tags: tidbit, watertown
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