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B&G Oyster, South End

It was a weekend of disappointing dining; R and I (R&I?) went to B&G for my birthday on Saturday. The space is small and crowded, but we got a nice little table that was up on its own platform. We shared the fritto misto, a bowl of lobster bisque and their infamous lobster roll.  


Apparently, if you take a fisherman’s platter and call it fritto misto, you can charge $45 dollars of a small assortment of fried oysters, clams, grey sole and calamari. I don’t know who was on the fry station that night but they had no clue what they were doing. The temperature on the oil was clearly too low, the batter on the seafood sucked it up like a sponge. They served it on a platter lined with brown paper which was saturated with oil. Greasy, oily and gross. Pescatore Seafood in Somerville charges 1/3 the price and is easily three time better.


The bisque was okay, but it was strangely rust colored, yet I tasted no tomato or anything else that would make it that color. It was a little gritty and the potato croquette in the middle did not work for me all at.


Lastly, the infamous lobster roll; it was another disappointment. I guess at $29 a roll, you are setting yourself up for high expectations. The lobster meat was plump, sweet and fresh, but there was a seasoning in there I didn’t like (celery seed?). It just threw the whole thing off for me. And, big surprise, the fries that came with it were greasy. We barely touched them.


I realized that for my birthday last year we went to No. 9 Park, another Barbara Lynch enterprise. I had basically the same opinion of it that I have for B&G: over-hyped, overpriced and disappointing.




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May. 21st, 2008 10:25 pm (UTC)
Of course Pescatore was a better deal because it is in Somerville. The damn better chicken? Somerville! The Paris of the 90's is still going strong in the new millenium; I recommend strongly buying property there if you haven't already considered it.
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