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Vela, Wellesley

Vela, Wellesley


The birthday celebration continued on Sunday when nine of us hit Vela in Wellesley. I’ve read some good things about it and on Sundays they do a neat 3 course prix-fixe pasta menu for $25. It includes a salad, two pastas and tiramisu for dessert. But the birthday disappointment continued. First, the service was awful; our waiter clearly did not want to be there. How many times do we need to ask for water and bread? At one point he told us that we had to order coffee if we wanted it, because he was turning off the machine.


The food wasn’t much better. With nine people, we managed to sample a lot of the menu. About half went for the prix-fixe and the other half went a la carte. The highlights? People seemed to like the chickpea pesto that came in the bread basket, there was a mushroom risotto that earned high praise, and I had mussels with polenta and pepperoni for a starter that was tasty. The tiramisu was also not bad. Sadly, everything else was mediocre (incliding another sub-par bolognese). I won’t go it in to details, it’s not worth it. Between the food and the service, I certainly won’t be back and you certainly shouldn’t bother.


How did I manage to fail in my restaurant choices two nights in a roll, for my birthday celebrations, no less? Maybe I’m losing my touch.

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