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Grill 23, Boston

As we were driving home from Vela, I turned to R and sighed that it had been a weekend of disappointing dining. R offered to make a reservation for Tuesday (my actual B-day) and promised me that “I wouldn’t be disappointed,” That’s a brave undertaking.


Luckily, R knows better than to go out on a limb and try somewhere new. He took me out to Grill 23, which is my favorite restaurant in Boston for prime rib. (Lawry’s is my all favorite prime rib). We had the fried calamari to start (great, as always) and then we both ordered the prime rib with sides of blue cheese mashed potatoes and mushroom ragout. The prime ribs came and it was the most enormous piece of meat that I’ve have been served. It was at least 4 inches thick. Fred Flintstone would have been overwhelmed. I ate a healthy portion of it, took the rest home and weighed it. It came in at 2 lbs. Between R and I we had almost 4 lbs of leftover prime rib. That’s just crazy.


The blue cheese mashed was fabulous, the blue cheese added a nice flavor, but wasn’t too strong. The mushrooms were good, but very standard.


For dessert we had chocolate-filled crepes with cherries and pistachios and a mascarpone cheesecake.  The cheesecake was okay, the mascarpone added a tang I wasn’t that fond of. The crepes were delicious.


Service at Grill 23 is always outstanding. It was a good choice for a non-disappointing dinner. Good job, R.

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