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Martha's Vineyard, part II (dining out)

Given all the breakfasts and lunches I was cooking, there wasn't a lot of eating out, so we narrowed our focus to two missions. Finding the best lobster roll and best ice cream on the vineyard.

Lobster rolls (in no particular order):

Nancy's (Oak Bluffs) – This was the only one that came with a hot buttered grilled bun, which counts for a lot. However, there was a Cajun seasoning in the lobster meat, which just seemed plain wrong, even if it was tasty.

Edgartown seafood market (Edgartown) – A decent roll, with a good amount of lobster. Nothing to get too excited about.

Net Result (Vineyard Haven) – they sell them made to order and pre-made. We only tried the latter and it was good roll, but nothing spectacular.

Seafood Shanty (Edgartown) – the most disappointing roll (no such thing as a *bad* lobster roll, you know), there was too much mayo and not enough chucks of lobster.

Grace Episcopalian Church (Vineyard Haven) – This wins the award for best lobster roll and weirdest place to get one. The church does a lobster roll fundraiser every Friday, 4:30 – 7:30pm. $13 gets you a roll, packed with lobster meat, a drink and a big of chips. We ate it outside on a picnic table next to the kiddie playground.

Ice cream:

Mad Martha's – A MV chain with a shop in every town. The ice cream was good and people really loved the oreo cream flavor. Bri hates this place as they refused to sell him pints or quarts.

Carousel – They were willing to sell us quarts so we got ice cream for banana donut sundaes from them. Good solid ice cream, nothing extraordinary.

Ben and Bill's – they had my favorite flavor, KGB: Kahlua, Grand Mariner and Bailey's. This cone was so alcoholic you could have lit it on fire. They also win for weirdest flavor: Lobster. I tired it, I didn't like it.

Vineyard Scoops – My friend Blee's friend recommended this place, stating it was better than Christina's. All I can say is the man is on crack; it doesn't hold a candle to Christina's.


Our favorite discovery was Back-Door Donuts. If you go to Martha's Vineyard Gourmet Cafe & Bakery in Oak Bluffs after 8pm and you go around to the back door in the parking lot, you can purchase fresh hot donuts from the bakers. The apple fritters are what they are known for, but I thought the cinnamon roll was the best ever and Mj got a buttermilk donut every night. We would bring them home and then pile banana, ice cream, nuts, and hot fudge all over it. That's what a good vacation is about.

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