gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Lanna Thai Diner, Woburn

What do you get when you take a an old diner car and mix Thai food and decor with it? Lanna Thai Diner, one weird ass dining experience.

It's a small space, with the classic diner counter and booths, but the tablecloths are Thai print fabrics and the the music is also Thai. I was with 3 friends and we had crispy spring rolls, pad Thai, kee mow (another noodle dish) and chicken and rice soup.

The spring rolls were okay; Bri found the wrapper to be too doughy. V-man felt his noodle dish was strangely sweet. I thought the pad Thai was good, standard Thai restaurant fare. Steve loved his soup.

Lanna Thai Diner is certainly not a destination, but if you are in the area, check the East-meets-West (woohoo! I got in a Ming reference :) ) craziness out.

Tags: restaurant review, woburn
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