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Yono's, Albany, NY

R and I went to a wedding over the weekend (congrats to Jon and Michelle!). The wedding itself was in Saratoga, NY, but the pre-wedding festivities were in Albany, so that's where we had dinner on Saturday night. Dinner was awful, really very awful. I should have known better; for one, it was attached to a Hampton Inn (generally hotel restaurants fail to deliver – they don't have to try too hard as they have a captive audience that they are not worried about repeat business). Second, it had a Indonesian side of the menu and a “globally inspired,” on the other side. It's never good when they try to do too much. The cherry on top was the red velvet foot stool they brought over for my purse. A restaurant can't live up to that much pretension.

That said, why did I pick Yono's? All for you, loyal reader. Yono's has kangaroo medallions on the menu, and I thought, if that's not a blog entry, I don't know what is. Unfortunately the meal was a big let down. I got the 4 course tasting menu and R got the strip steak. His steak was inedible, too rare for even me. The potatoes were stone cold. I sent it back. I seldom send food back, after all, it's just asking for them to spit in your food, but this was ludicrous. My first course was a duo of tuna: seared and ceivche. Both were under seasoned and mushy. Scallops were next, and they were fine, but paled in comparison to the ones we had on the vineyard. The third course was the kangaroo. Kangaroo is a red meat, and it tasted surprisingly similar to the ostrich Amy ordered, except a little chewier and gamier. I would compare it to venison. Dessert was a bread pudding and a chocolate ladyfinger concoction, neither worth noting. The milk R always orders with dessert came sour and curded. I sent that back too, and it's replacement did not arrive before we finished dessert.

Over-priced and pretentious, with low quality food. Damn that kangaroo.

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