gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Dali, Somerville (Why can't my friends pick another place???)

Hordes of Somervillians, rest easy. I won't spend another blog talking about how overpriced and overrated Dali is (after all, you should all know by now). I went out with the girls at work, and per usual we ordered two pitchers of sangria (one white, one red), some tapas and two entrees to share. We ordered almost the same thing as we did back in December and again they wanted the beef tenderloin overcooked (names left out to protect the guilty) and the garlic shrimp were tiny and tough.

What I will say is that we ordered a whole fish baked in a salt crust. It had a dramatic presentation, with our waitress cracking open the mound of harden salt. The fish was tender, sweet and perfectly cooked and seasoned. It came with a cilantro cream that was excellent with the fish.

When they force me to go to Dali again in 6 months, I'll have to remember to get the fish.

Tags: restaurant review, somerville
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