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Sage, Boston

It's been a week of repeats (you can blame my in-laws for not picking a new restaurant for the blog). R and I took them to Sage on Friday and the meal did not disappoint. It's nice to go to a restaurant where you can depend on it to be good. For appetizers we had: a prosciutto and melon plate, an endive and confit duck salad, a half portion of spring pea ravioli and lobster and corn tortellini in a lobster consommé. The prosciutto plate was nice, but boring. After all, you could easily make the same thing with a quick trip to the market. The ravioli itself was good, but the basil butter sauce that came with it stole the show. Tortellini was unremarkable. The duck and endive salad was the best appetizer. The bitter edge of the endive really paired nicely with the richness of the duck.

For entrees:I had monkfish with mushroom and ramp risotto, R had the gnocchi with lobster and fava beans, Lenore had the rack of lamb with braised artichokes and Skip had a baked veal and spinach manicotti-type filled pasta. The gnocchi was amazing as always, light, fluffy and delicious. Lenore's lamb was also was great. I liked my monkfish, but neither it or the manicotti were as good as the other two entrees.

Dessert was a chocolate hazelnut timbale, zeppole with a berry compote, lemon sunburst cake with basil ice cream an a cookie assortment. The timbale was my favorite, it was almost like a column of the interior of a Rocher chocolate. The zeppole was nicely fried and custardy on the inside. The cookies and lemon cake were dry.

Tags: restaurant review, south end
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