gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Tasty Island, Malden

Tasty Island was not so tasty, they should probably rename it bland and overcooked island. Tasty Island is in Mj's neighborhood and looks like it should be a hidden jewel. The kind were you go in and it looks kinda sketchy, but the potions are huge and there's lots of people of the ethnicity of the food sitting around and enjoying it. Well, Tasty Island has the sketchy part down. We walk in and there are two Haitian women serving food. There is no menu on the wall where the lit box is, but a xeroxed sheet. All the food is in large disposable foil pans on a steam table in front. However, it's all covered with more foil pans as lids, so I can't get a good look at any of it. Mj and I puzzled over what to get. Another customer smiles at us and the baby and I asked her what's good. She tells me it all good and I can't go wrong. I decide on fried beef and rice and pigeon peas and Mj goes with chicken and sauce and white rice. We also got fried plantains.

My fried beef was so dry, I think beef jerky may be more tender. Mj's chicken was more moist, but was surprisingly bland. The fried plantains were fine, not as crispy as I like them. I did like my rice, which is a good thing, as they gave me a ton of it.

Maybe Mj and I didn't order the right dishes, and that if we knew what to get Tasty Island would be a whole different experience, but I don't think I'll be there again. Let me know if you decide to try it and are more successful.

Tags: malden, restaurant review
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