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Sushi Yasu, Waltham

Sushi Yasu has an all-you-can-eat deal on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but I always play bridge those nights, so I’ve never been. Tonight, Bri cancelled on me, so I was unexpectedly free and craving sushi. The deal is that for $29 you can order all the sushi you want off of a set list. There’s most of the standard stuff: 15 nigiri and 22 different rolls. You can only order 10 items at a time, and the kicker is that there is a $5.00 penalty fee for leftovers.


The sushi was okay. I think the fish was not the highest quality (what do you expect for $29???) and the cuts were thin. The rolls were larger than normal, causing the rice to be out of proportion with the fish. They were also poorly constructed; my pieces were falling apart all over the place.


We had an assortment of Nigiri: Yellowtail, fried tofu, tuna, salmon, striped bass and eel, and a bunch of rolls. I liked the rainbow maki, which is a California roll, covered with tuna, fluke and salmon. The soft shell crab roll also had good favor and crunch.


I think we ordered 15 items total and managed to finish it all. However, we probably ate more than we would have to avoid the leftover penalty. Was it worth $29 bucks? Probably not, after all, I think we could have ordered a la carte the same amount and been fine. I guess if you can really pack away the sushi, then it’s worth it.


Sushi Yasu

617 Main St
Waltham, MA 02452

(781) 894-9783


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