gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Plan D?

Wednesday is the anniversary of our first date, and of course we are going out to celebrate, but where, is always the question.

Plan A: Highland Kitchen, Somerville

I know, it's not upscale, but I've been meaning to go here for ages. But their “gastropub” concept precludes them from taking reservations and I have no interest in waiting 45 minutes for a table. I figured that all the press had finally calmed down and that there should be no wait for a Wednesday night, right? Wrong. The day after I decided on Highland Kitchen, the Boston Phoenix reviewed it positively. That means I should wait another couple of months before trying it.

Plan B: O Ya, Boston

NYT food critic Frank Bruni named it his #1 favorite new restaurant. It's very upscale Japanese cuisine, and astronomically expensive. I've read that you can walk out of the restaurant having spent $125 a person (not including drink, tax and tip) and still have room for a burger. That said, the food is supposedly exquisite, and it's a special occasion, so why not? Because even on a Wednesday night, they only have a 5pm or a 9:30pm table available. I have no interest in dining at either time.

Plan C: Radius, Boston

Radius won top honors at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival earlier in the year, beating quite a few notable burgers. For $17, you get their signature burger with Vermont cheddar, crispy onions and horseradish sauce. As you know, R loves burgers, so I thought it would be fun to try Radius for dinner. Alas, they only serve it on the lounge menu, not the main dining room. And, again no reservations taken. Not my idea of an anniversary dinner.

Plan D: ????

So there you have it, I have no plan. I desperately need ideas. Feel free to post suggestions :)

I guess there's always Redbones in Somerville. That's where we had our first date, 13 years ago.

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