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Bison County, Waltham

It seems like I’ve been doing a lot of Waltham dining lately. . .


Bison has been a longtime favorite of mine; there’s easy parking, spacious booths, the prices are super affordable, a large selection of beers and great sides. But the truth is there’s really only one reason to go to Bison: the South Carolina wings. They are permeated with smoky goodness and slathered in a mustard sauce. If only John Harvard’s had wings like Bison. . .


So, R and I had dinner with Bri and his new girlfriend, Nicole, last night. We had 2 orders of wings to start. The wings arrive and we descend upon them. Nicole picks hers up, nibbles at it, puts it down, plays with it a little and eventually announces that she doesn’t like them. This provokes horrified looks from me and Bri. We are speechless. Oh well, more wings for us.


I had the catfish sandwich, which I really liked. The catfish was nice and crispy, on a grilled bun. The spicy mayo gave it a nice kick and I piled the coleslaw on for crunch. R’s brisket was also good. There were some nice juicy pieces (although there always some dry pieces – that’s just the nature of brisket). Bri and Nicole had a combo of southern ribs and pulled pork. Nicole said that she really liked the pork.


Go to Bison, have the wings, and enjoy the great smoky flavor.




275 Moody St
Waltham, MA 02453

Tel: (781) 642-9720


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Jul. 11th, 2008 03:14 pm (UTC)
JH wings fill a complete different need in one then Bison deos. Bison is all about the quailty, large, smokes, sauce melt in your mouth goodness. While JH is about clogging your arteries as fast as possible. I'm glad both exist.

But if you haven't had Bison wings, you should. The pull pork sandwich is fine for lunch. They have excellent beer selection, and I love the cucumber salad.
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