gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Highland Kitchen, Somerville

I finally made it to Highland Kitchen. R and I went at 7pm on a Thursday and there was no wait. We were seated kitty corner on the banquette which gave us a great view of the room, people and food. The clientele was surprisingly homogenous; which is a nice way to say that other than me and the busboys, everyone was white.


We started with mussels steamed in a coconut-lobster curry broth. It was sensational; the mussels were tender and broth was quite flavorful. The bread basket was Iggy’s Francese, good for soaking up broth.


R had the Cuban Rueben sandwich (pork loin and corned beef with slaw and Russian dressing) and I had a blackened catfish po’ boy. The sandwiches were both okay. We liked the Cuban slightly more. I think I prefer my catfish fried versus blackened. R’s came with fries, which were hand cut, but a little soggy. I substituted garlic mashed potatoes and they were exactly the way mashed potatoes should be creamy and comforting. The house made pickles were also a nice sweet and crunchy surprise.


Highland Kitchen is a nice neighborhood joint. It’s prices are affordable and the staff is friendly. I think we’ll try some of the entrees next time.


Tags: restaurant review, somerville
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