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Rosemary’s, Las Vegas

As we sat down, our waiter, Justin, asked us if we had been to Rosemary’s before. “Yes, 5 years ago,” “Oh, so you’re regulars,” Justin deadpans. It’s too bad that Rosemary’s isn’t in Boston, so that we could be regulars.


Most of the entrees at Rosemary’s are in the mid to high 30’s, but they do a 3 course prix-fixe for $55, which is what we all opted to do.


Bri and I both had the Parmesan cheese soufflé. It had a nice, light fluffy texture, but needed more cheese flavor. Bri also got goat cheese stuffed figs, wrapped in prosciutto. Very tasty. I got milk fed veal sweetbreads with morels which were divine. Steve ordered the sweet corn soup; he called it “sweet, crisp and refreshing,” and a salad (bo-ring).


For entrees I had a crispy striped bass, Bri had the salmon and Steve got the grilled prime flat iron steak. The fishes were good, but uninteresting. Steve’s steak was excellent, cooked perfectly and very flavorful.


We didn’t have any dessert, but I would love to make it back before my time in Vegas is up.




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Aug. 1st, 2008 06:48 pm (UTC)
Rosemary a prime example of the importance of the flog. If we had it, we would have know exactly what we order and liked last time.

I still can shack the pork chop as what I had 5 years ago, and remembering it as much better then the fish dishes. By far the best was the figs app. Darn good. If any get the recipe please post it.

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