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Belle Isle Seafood, East Boston

R and I welcome Mj and Brian in our ongoing search for great lobster rolls. The Globe Magazine wrote an article about 3 great lobster rolls: B&G, Neptune Oyster and Belle Isle Seafood. R and I have had B&G’s and it was grossly overpriced ($29) and disappointing. On Sunday, R and I picked up 4 lobster rolls, fried clams and fried oysters and went over to their house (a baby gets you food delivery privileges J ). Belle Isle is tiny; 6 counter seats and no credit cards accepted.

The rolls were huge; they advertise half a pound of meat in every roll and I believe it. We decided a joint approach of using a fork to eat the excess and then transitioning to sandwich mode works best. The lobster chunks were big and meaty, a combo of claw and tail meat. Good lobster flavor. The grilled hot dog bun was a little soggier than I like, but that may be due to the travel time and the massive amount of lobster. The only problem is we kept finding fins in the lobster. They need to be a little more careful in picking through the meat.  

The rolls were $17, and they came with a choice of onion rings, fries, rice pilaf or cole slaw. The onion rings, like the clams and oysters, were fried in the same bland batter (and the traveling time didn’t help, either). The fries and the rice were better options.

It’s not a bad option if you are having a lobster roll craving, but it’s not Red’s in Wiscasset.

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