gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Skampa, Cambridge

Skampa is a small corner sub shop in East Cambridge, a stone’s throw from where I grew up. It looks like a million other mom and pop operations, but they advertise an “excellent roast beef,” so I had to try it. The toasted onion roll was piled high with thinly sliced, pink and tender, medium rare roast beef. I thought it was quite good; R thinks Kelly’s roast beef sandwich is better, but that Skampa’s is a contender. We also had a veal parm sub, which was decent, but not noteworthy.


However, the onion rings were excellent, really stunningly good. The onions were sweet and tender, the batter was well seasoned and crispy. These aren’t your frozen Sysco onion rings I couldn’t stop munching on them on the ride home and poor R only got a small serving. Although the driving time surpassed the window of hot fried goodness, R still pronounced the rings the best he has had in ages. He wants a bigger serving next time.


Tags: cambridge, restaurant review
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