gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Peach and apple picking

There’s nothing as lovely as taking a bite in to a sun-ripen peach and licking the exploding juices that are running down your hand. We went to Lookout farm in Natick today and picked Saturn peaches. They are also known as flat or donut peaches for their funny, tire-like shape. Saturn peaches are sweet and have thin skins, so they do not harvest, or travel to the supermarket well. We picked 5 pounds, so I do plan on making a pie, but they are so good to eat out of hand there may not be enough left.


We also picked gingergold apples, my 3rd favorite kind of apple (behind Fujis and Jonagolds). The apples were sweet, with a hint of tartness, and nice and crisp. I’ll probably make an apple pie (especially when I realize I’ve eaten too many peaches to make a peach pie.)


Lookout Farm is a rip off; its $8 to get in to the orchards and the fruit is $2.50 a pound. I used to love it when it was owned by the Marino family, but it was sold in 2005 and it hasn’t been the same. I would have gone to another orchard, but they were the only ones with peaches this weekend (Mother Nature has not been cooperative, apparently). Maybe I’ll try to hit another orchard in a week or two when the yellow peaches are ripe.

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