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L’espalier is where hubby proposed 5 years ago, so it’s a special place for us, when we heard that it is moving next year, we decided to go back for our anniversary. We were seated at the window banquette in the front room, which was lovely. A bit strange eating side by side, but it gave us maximum people watching potential. Two amuses; one, a layered smoked salmon bite, the second was a cold cucumber soup with grilled sardines. The salmon was good, not terribly interesting, the soup was better, very refreshing for a hot night and nice salt from the fish.


We ordered the summer degustation menu. First course was a diver scallop with an eggplant caponata. Excellent. Second was a foie gras with vanilla gelee, and cherries. Loved the foie gras, and cherries, didn’t get the gelee. Third was salmon, good but boring. Last meat course was a terrific beef tenderloin with morels. I’m a ribeye girl through and through, tenderloin just doesn’t have enough beef favor, but damn this was a nice piece of meat. Truly like butter and the morels went perfectly.


Sorbet to cleanse. I think it was passion fruit; honestly the bite was too small to tell. It was the size of a grape. Then the lovely cheese course, 2 goat, 2 blue, 2 cow and a comte. One of the cheeses was called Constant Bliss and it was aptly named. I have to hunt down a source for this cheese! It was served with a French bread and a chocolate hazelnut bread, with dried apricots, pinenuts and honey and raisins. The cheese and chocolate bread didn’t work for me, but the bread was great with just butter.


BREAD, I forgot to mention the bread. There was a fig, olive, sourdough and focaccia. The fig bread was EXCELLENT. I think hubby ate half a loaf, I really enjoyed the olive too.


Finally, dessert was a chocolate hazelnut layered mousse/cake affair. Served with a pistachio cookie. Very tasty, but the petit fours were my favorite; passion food jellie, coconut macaroon, tangerine and cream jellie and a chocolate truffle.


Service was impeccable, it was a truly delightful evening. I’ll be sad when they move to the new location.

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