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Union Street Restaurant, Newton

The weather was perfect for sitting outside and enjoying some food and drinks. The patio at Union Street was abuzz with after work revelers, including us. The atmosphere was great, however the food was not.


The nachos, calamari and chicken quesadilla garnered comments like, “they’re okay”, “standard”, “so-so”. The cheeseburger fared slightly worse, Tom felt he could make a better burger on his grill at home. Andrea didn’t like the crispy rice noodles that came with the Thai lettuce wraps.


The worse was Deidre’s chicken, pear and brie sandwich. She declared she didn’t like it. It got passed to Steve, who said, “It tastes like an old person’s house.” Darcy had a bite and felt it was like a “musty library basement.” Michelle sniffed at it and decided she didn’t want to try it. By this point the situation is reminiscent of the Saturday Night Live skit where the milk is sour and everyone is trying it, exclaiming how sour and gross the milk is. I don’t really want to try the sandwich, but clearly for the blog I have to. I don’t know what old people taste like, but this might be a close approximation. The chicken was tough and the brie was over ripened. I think the brie and the pear was what gave the sandwich its musky quality.


What does Union Street do well? The waffle fries, onion strings and buffalo skewers earned high praise. I guess the fryalator guy knows what he’s doing. Go to Union Street, have a drink, enjoy the patio, but avoid the food.

Tags: newton, restaurant review
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