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Tooling down Rt. 1, Maine

We awoke on Sunday and got a few pastries at Bread and Roses in Ogunquit, and took them to the beach for breakfast. We got a veggie quiche (over cooked eggs, ick), a blueberry square (so-so) and a cinnamon puff (it looked interesting, but it was a giant munchkin). We didn’t finish any of the pastries, but enjoyed our walk on the beach.


We also stopped by Harbor Candy and got a bunch of fudge, cordials, chocolates and Pate de fruits. Other than the cordials, all of the goodies were excellent, especially the pate de fruits which came in many fun flavors: raspberry, lemon, lime, strawberry-rhubarb, apricot, ginger, pomegranate and blueberry.


We drove to the Maine Diner and had a bowl of their seafood chowder and a lobster Benedict. The biscuit I ordered with my chowder was dry, but the chowder was superb. I broth is so delicious and flavorful, I could drink it up with a straw, but when you add huge scallops, lobster, shrimp and potatoes, you have a damn good chowder. The lobster Benedict was a nice twist on the original and the home fries were full of garlicky goodness.


Continuing down Rt. 1, we stopped at Flo’s steamed hot dogs. It’s a dilapidated shack on the side of the road, but as Bri says, “shacks in Maine always produce great food!” The menu has 4 items: hot dogs, chips, soda and milk.  You file in soup-Nazi style, everyone in the room tells the woman how many dogs they want. 15 minutes later, you tell her how you want it. The house special is with “hot sauce and mayo,” ick, right? Nope, it’s a yummy hot dog. The hot sauce isn’t actually hot sauce but a sweet and spicy onion relish and the mayo rounds it out. The hot dogs have a snap to them; I don’t know if that’s because of the natural casing hot dog, or the cooking method, either way, it’s damn good. I think the $2.25 hot dog out shown many of the courses we had at Arrows.


More cruising down Rt. 1 brought us to Stonewall Kitchen’s company store. R is a man who loves his free samples and Stonewall kitchen is sample heaven. Keep in mind, at this point we’ve had: pastries, chowder, home fries, lobster Benedict, chocolates and hot dogs, but it did not stop me and R from sampling away. I really liked their fig and walnut spread. It will go great on a cheese platter.

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