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John Harvard’s, Cambridge

Since I go to John Harvard (JH, as we like to call it) every week and order the same thing (wings, no sauce, and fries) I don’t consider it flogworthy, but the menu at JH has been updated. The wings now come with a choice of sauces: Thai Peanut, Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, Sesame Glazed or BBQ. Steve and I decided to be adventurous and tried the garlic parm wings, upon the enthusiastic endorsement of our waitress. They were okay, with a decent amount of garlic. I really felt like it needed a dipping sauce.


I returned from vacation and Steve has been doing additional research into the new wing offerings. Here’s his take on the sesame glazed:


I had the sesame wings last night – they get thumbs in the middle. The sesame glaze added some flavor to the chicken that I think it needs (especially after 5 years of these wings), but it was a little strong and definitely messier than I like my food. It was more of a sauce than a glaze. I could see myself getting them again but I’d want at least 4 napkins for my hands. I would say that it was a bigger win than the garlic parm for sure.


I think the Thai peanut is next on the to try list.

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