gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Oops! It’s chai tea pork!

Cook’s Country magazine has monthly segment about kitchen blunders, like using salt instead of sugar. I had my own blunder tonight. I had some country style pork spareribs from the CSA. I browned them off in a 6-quart Dutch oven, took the ribs out and added 2 onions (sliced), 2 yukon golds (diced) and 3 carrots (chopped). I got everything browned and then I added the chicken stock, or what I thought was the chicken stock! It was chai tea mix from Oregon Chai.


They come in the 32oz cardboard packaging and I didn’t look before I dumped in the rest of the carton (probably 10-12 oz.). However, as soon as the dark liquid hit the onions and the smell of honey, vanilla and cardamom hit me I knew I had screwed up. I added more chicken stock and some water to dilute it. I nestled the ribs back in, put it in to a 400 degree oven and crossed my fingers.


40 minutes later, the pork was tender and tasty. I watched as R tried it and declared it really good and had a second helping. The chai added some sweetness, but it was subtle. I like to think it added a depth and complexity to the dish. J I didn’t tell R about the chai until he was well in to the second serving.  

Tags: entrees, pork, recipe
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